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© 2019 by Jessica Güttinger


„Resistentiam“ is about a postapocalyptical world, which is really cruel but also beautiful to show the conflict between the good and evil things in our world. The user should think about his own position in life and widen his mind. 

In the game the player will assume in the role of the character "Julice", who has to escape from her hometown in order to save her life and to free the citizens from the regime. She has to survive at a mysterious island and make new friends there to help her.

The little prototype was a project for the university for the subject "Game Engines". It's build in Unity, the C#-Scripts are from Thomas Krüger, our professor. It should be only a testversion without any textures or big riddles just to use Unity a bit. 


If you want to read more about this project, feel free to contact me.