Crash! And with the echo of crumbling dust and the last few rolling pebbles the entrance to the pyramid you were about to explore is completely impassable. This way you certainly won't leave, but there must be another way, somewhere. Equipped with only one torch time is running, but it seems the origin of this build wasn't meant to let anyone escape that easily. A long journey filled with adventure and danger lies ahead of you. Will you escape?

"Obelisk" is a little game built with the "Unreal Engine". It was a University project with my fellow students Melanie Beer (Concept Art), Stephan Brenner (Organisation and  Unreal), Florian Ehle (Unreal), Falko Puchalla (3D Modelling) and Yannik Wiesner (Riddle Design and Unreal). All of us were working on the Level Design and the Game Design as well. My own task was especially the texturing.


You could watch the Trailer here.


If you want to read more about this project, feel free to contact me.

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